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Soften and control beard hair of any length with only the finest organic and natural ingredients!

Not a beard wax, this balm never gets stiff and doesn't leave a waxy residue on the hair.  Instead, it's deeply mosturizing and improves hair texture and prevents breakage to encourage the longest and silkiest beard possible.    

It's easy to apply evenly and provides a soft hold. 

May be used alone, or as a finishing product after beard oil for maximum moisturizing.  



-Raw Organic Shea Butter is possibly the very best thing you could ever put on your skin and hair. Besides being very high in Vitamins A and E, it boosts collagen production and is anti-aging and anti- inflammatory. Deeply nourishes coarse facial hair and also provides mild water repellance to keep valuable moisture inside the hair. 

-Filtered, Cosmetic Beeswax from beekeepers in Oregon increases essential moisture in hair and skin by keeping in your natural well as acting as a humectant, attracting water molecules from the air for endless hydration.  It's also rich in Vitamin A to strenthen and soften coarse hair.

-No Fragrance Added!  Shea Butter and Coconut oil are both raw, and the beeswax is unrefined and   unfiltered.  None of the ingredients have been deodorized, which would involve the use of chemicals, so there will be a very light natural scent from the ingredients themselves. 



Unrefined Shea Butter*, Virgin Olive Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax

*Certified Organic

Unscented Beard Balm (2oz)

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