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Give your cuticles some love! They'll love you back with longer, stronger nails!

Cuticle Love is a nourishing salve that keep cuticles soft and healthy so your nails grow faster and stronger.


-The occlusive properties of Shea Butter and Beeswax trap your natural oils in, while waterproofing them and making them resistant to outside irritants that dry and irritate them.

-Olive Oil softens cuticles and nourishes with antioxidants

-Coconut Oil moisturizes and strengthens nails, and is anti-fungal to keep them healthy

-Vitamin E repairs cuticles, keeps them young with antioxidants, and strengthens brittle nails



Unrefined Shea Butter*, Virgin Olive Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax, non-gmo Vitamin E

*Certified Organic

Unscented Cuticle Love

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