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I've always had a passion for natural beauty and health. 

Growing up in the South, my most joyous times were spent outside enjoying nature.  My southern roots go back hundreds of years to some of this country's first farmers.  Without access to all of today's modern medicines, they learned how to use nature's miracles to improve their own health and well being, and passed that wisdom down through the generations.  For them, the doctor was a last resort after trying every natural cure available to them in their immediate environment. 

Modern society is finally figuring out that they had it right, and that synthetic chemicals should be used as little as possible for the earth and the human race to thrive.  

When I began the journey of becoming a professional hairstylist, I knew that the most important thing for me to do for my own health, my clients, and the planet, was to take the least traveled road in the beauty industry. 

I decided I would use only the most natural, least harmful ingredients to make people more beautiful. 

Over a decade later, it seems the organic hair movement is only just beginning to gain speed.  Innovations in natural health and beauty solutions are increasing exponentially with consumer demand.  

 I plan to remain at the forefront of the organic industry. 


Brian Wallis

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