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About the Color

B. Wallis Organic Hair uses only the most organic professional hair color available.

None of the products used contain Ammonia, Aluminum, or Formaldehyde.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no such thing as 100% organic hair color. 

(We like to be clear about that, since many colorists are claiming otherwise.)

Ours is the most organic professional color currently available.

There are many highly toxic chemicals in conventional hair color, but the brands we use have the least amount of chemicals to be effective, and the vast majority of those chemicals are derived from natural sources. 

(Henna is not healthy for the hair long term, and is in none of our products.)

Here are links to, and facts about, the only two color lines used:

Organic Colour Systems  (UK)

-No Resorcinol, Propylene Glycol, Naphthol, or PTD

-Less than 10% of the legal limit for total color pigments

-Most extensive independent Organic Certification

-Very gentle.  Hair remains shiny and strong

-Gluten-Free, Non GMO, and Vegan 

 Oway (Italy):  

-Uses Organic and Biodynamic ingredients

-Very Gentle.  Hair remains shiny and strong

-Voted Best Hair Color in the Green Beauty Awards

-Works without heat



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