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The gentlest, safest, and most effective deodorant you can find!

Excellent for armpits and feet

Use after washing and drying skin to protect from developing odor all day, or apply after you already smell "offensive" and it will eliminate odor then!


Made with all natural, healthy ingredients: 

-Witch Hazel Distillate is alcohol free, reduces inflammation, and soothes skin

-Magnesium balances the pH of skin to control and eliminate bacteria that causes odor 

-Potassium Alum is a natural mineral salt that is used as a food preservative.  Its molecules are too large to be absorbed by skin, so it creates a porous film...or shield :)..on skin that eliminates odor-causing bacteria.  It allows oxygen in, and detoxifying sweat out, without the "offensive' aroma


*Personally, the solid potassium alum/crystal rock is too harsh for my skin, and gives me a rash.  So I created this much milder version that's super gentle and still does the job exceptionally!

Crystal Shield Deodorant

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